ECDL Advanced

ECDL for power users (experts)

For each one of the 4 Advanced modules - word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation - an individual ECDL Advanced Certificate can be gained.

To acquire the certificate ECDL Advanced Expert all 4 Advanced modules must be passed.


ECDL Advanced modules:

  • Advanced Word Processing

    This certificate confirms the expert knowledge and skills relating to the professional use of a word processing application, e.g. applying advanced text, paragraph, columns and table formatting; creating tables of content, indexes and cross-references; using fields, forms and templates; working with macros; integrating data; sharing documents to collaborate on and review them; apply security features.

  • Advanced Advanced Spreadsheets

    This certificate confirms the expert knowledge and skills relating to the professional use of a spreadsheet application, e.g. applying conditional formatting and customised number formatting; using functions of different categories; analysing, filtering and sorting tables and lists; working with named cell ranges, macros and templates; using linking, embedding and importing features to integrate data; applying spreadsheet security features.

  • Advanced Database

    This certificate confirms the candidates competence to understand key database concepts of a relational database application to create an advanced database structure and outputs, e.g. designing and using queries; enhancing forms and improving functionality; performing calculations; enhancing productivity by working with macros and using linking and importing features to integrate data.

  • Advanced Presentation

    The certificate confirms the candidates competence to understand presentation planning and design considerations and use the presentation application to produce advanced presentation outputs, e.g. understanding target audience; creating and modifying templates and format slide backgrounds; inserting drawing objects; applying advanced chart formatting features; inserting movies and sound; using linking, embedding, importing and exporting features to integrate data; controlling a slide show.

  • Internationally standardised certificate to prove your qualification
  • Comparable educational level
  • Expert computer skills
  • Competent and efficient handling of office applications

Knowledge of the respective module at the ECDL Standard level.

Preparation for tests:

  • Course at Test Center (not compulsory)
  • Self-study (choose among the wide range of approved learning materials)
  • MS Office 2013
  • MS Office 2010
  • MS Office 2007

The tests must be taken at authorised ECDL Test Centers.

The tests are based on the current ECDL Advanced syllabi (Syllabi ).

Exam time: 45 minutes per certificate 

Test method: 

Automatic test system (ATES):

  • Sophia Certification Testsystem
  • Demo tests
  • Tips for candidates (pdf for download)

Recommended price:

  • Skills Card (per ECDL Advanced Certificate): € 40
  • Test (per ECDL Anvanced Certificate): € 35
  • Total: € 75

Price for pupils at school test centers:

  • Skills Card and test (per ECDL Advanced Certificate): € 35