Becoming an examiner

ECDL examiners are authorised exclusively by the Austrian Computer Society OCG. The examiners will prepare, carry out and evaluate ECDL exams in an authorised Test Center.

Necessary qualifications to become an ECDL examiner

  • Experience in training/adult education - guaranteed by Test Master
  • Relevant computing education, certificates, seminars, university or college education
  • Co-operation with an authorised ECDL Test Center

Training to become an ECDL examiner

One-day workshop which is regularly organised by the OCG. At the workshop all modules must be successfully passed.

To attend an ECDL Advanced examiner workshop it is required to have attended the ECDL Standard examiner workshop before.

The OCG also offers workshops to become an ECDL CAD examiner or Web Management examiner.

Only Test Masters of authorised Test Centers can enrol future examiners for workshops. The authorisation is basically valid for Austria and can be extended to several Test Centers. It is valid for three years and has to be re-certified in a special workshop after this period.

Workshop schedule

  • News
  • Database instruction
  • Test system Sophia instruction
  • Exam situation
  • Evaluation/debriefing

After the successful workshop

  • the respective authorisation is specified in the database and
  • the ECDL examiner certificate is mailed.


  • ECDL Standard: EURO 130.-
  • ECDL Advanced: EURO 130.- 
  • Combination workshop ECDL Standard & Advanced: EURO 190.-
  • ECDL CAD or OCG Web Management: EURO 150.-

All prices exclude 10% VAT and include the ECDL ID for the respective certificate (if needed).