FAQ03 - costs for ECDL

How much does the ECDL cost?

The price for a certificate consists of the Skills Card (= registration fee) and the test fee.

The OCG gives price recommendations. You will find them on the homepage at the respective certificate.
The Test Centers may charge different prices.

Continuing education:

Price recommendation for the ECDL Base/Standard:

-> Skills Card (ID): EUR 60.-

-> 1 module test: EUR 26.50

-> Total ECDL Standard: : EUR 245.50 (1 Skills Card and 7 test fees)

-> Total ECDL Base: EUR 166.- (1 Skills Card and 4 test fees)

Price at schools:

-> Skills Card (ID) for ECDL Profile/Standard: EUR 46.-

-> 1 module test: EUR 14.-

-> Total ECDL Standard: : EUR 144.- (1 Skills Card and 7 test fees)

->Total ECDL Profile: EUR 102.- (1 Skills Card and 4 test fees)

Price recommendation for the individual certificates (ECDL Advanced, ECDL Web Editing, Image Editing)

-> Skills Card: EUR 40.-

-> Test: EUR 35.- for ECDL Advanced or 26.50 for ECDL Web Editing and Image Editing each

-> Total: EUR 75.- or 66.50

Price recommendation for ECDL CAD

-> Skills Card: EUR 70.-

-> Test: EUR 35.-

-> Total: EUR 105.-

For information on costs for courses and training please contact your ECDL Test Center.