The new ECDL

Die Module des neuen ECDL

New contents & new modules

Cloud-computing, Social Media, tablets and smartphones – the rapid ICT (information and communication techonology) development brings a number of new possible applications. With those changes, the demands on our knowledge and skills for safe and efficient ICT use in daily life have also changed. The ECDL Foundation has adapted and updated the syllabi contents accordingly. New modules have been developed and terminology and rules for certificates have been adapted.

Changes in detail


Computer Essentials

The former Module 2 is replaced by the new Module Computer Essentials.

Online Essentials

The former module 7 is replaced by the new module Online Essentials.

The former module 1 is dropped. The relevant contents of the former module 1 are included in the two new Essentials modules.

Online Collaboration

This new module deals with cloud-computing, Social Media, online-meetings, online-learning platforms, mobile devices, etc.

The modules Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Using Databases, Presentation and IT Security remain unchanged.

New ECDL Certificates

ECDL Start is now ECDL Base. The following 4 Base Modules are compulsory to earn the certificate: Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing and Spreadsheets.

ECDL Core is now ECDL Standard. The certificate will be issued when 7 modules are passed successfully. The ECDL Standard consists of the Base Modules and three Standard Modules which can be chosen from the 5 Standard Modules: Presentation, Using Databases, IT Security, Online Collaboration, Image Editing.

The following certificates remain unchanged:

  • ECDL Advanced (four separate certificates)
  • ECDL Image Editing
  • ECDL Web Editing