Sophia diagnostic test for ECDL

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Are you ready for the ECDL test?

Take the Sophia diagnostic test to check your skills! It is the best way to prepare for the tests of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).

What you get

Sophia diagnostic tests cover all test topics which are contained in the ECDL syllabi. You get the chance to check your knowledge with about 60 questions for each ECDL module, that is twice as many questions as you will get at the ECDL tests.

Sophia diagnosetic tests for ECDL will show you right away how much you know. If a question is wrong - the result will show you the right answer. You can also print out the result and use it for further study. You can take the Sophia diagonstic tests for ECDL at a Test Center, at home, at school or at work.


The Sophia diagnostic tests for ECDL cost €9,00 for each ECDL Base and Standard module and €12,00 for each ECDL Advanced Module. You will get one access code per module.

Note: Each access code is valid once for each module.

You may interrupt the diagnostic test and continue later.

Note: The access code will become invalid as soon as you finish the diagnostic test.

You can buy the tests via the  ECDL Test Center .